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Why Study Applied Linguistics?


With a concentration in Applied Linguistics, you will have the opportunity to take upper-level classes focusing on language, culture, and pedagogy. This is perfect for those who want to teach a foreign language in the United States, teach English overseas, work for a private company in which there are multinational employees, work for the government or companies like Amazon and Google as a language scientist, etc. It will also give you a very good foundation to pursue graduate work in applied linguistics or languages. Knowledge of the structure of language will help you hone your analytic thinking skills, which can be transferred to other areas such as succeeding on the LSAT or entering a career in the field of computer science. Linguistics courses can also help you improve your writing-related skills, oral communication skills, and intercultural communication.

For more information, check out this “Why Study Linguistics?” pamphlet from the Linguistic Society of America.


My Linguistics minor at USF has had such a lasting impact on my personal life and college/future career that it is almost impossible for me to imagine the person I would be today if I had not enrolled in Intro to Linguistics my first semester at USF. I knew without a shadow of a doubt from that course that I had found my calling. If you enjoy learning languages and crave a deeper understanding of how language functions structurally and socially, then I highly recommend enriching your USF experience with Linguistics coursework. 
-Aneesa Ali

Crystal Bonano

I graduated from USF in 2016 as an English major with a double minor in Linguistics and German Studies. When I enrolled in my first linguistics course, Teaching English Overseas, I had no idea that the course would offer me an introduction to one of the many career options of a linguist and also nurture my abilities as a scholar. Pursuing linguistics has opened opportunities I never thought possible: participating in undergraduate research, studying abroad, and achieving departmental honors. Now preparing to start my MA¬†at the University of Illinois, I am excited to see where my passion for linguistics will lead me! I look forward to learning all that I can as I build upon the foundation USF provided for me. 
-Crystal Bonano


Ennis Cruz Gonzalez

During my first semester at USF, I took LIN 3010 as a prerequisite and discovered that linguistics was exactly what I was looking for. Each class has been taught by passionate and incredibly knowledgeable professors; their dedication pushed me to exceed past what I thought was possible. Choosing Linguistics as a minor opened so many doors for me. I have had the opportunity to be involved in undergraduate research, study abroad in South Korea, and leadership roles in clubs. Thanks to Linguistics, I have been challenged to push past what I know, to continue learning, and to grow intellectually and as a person. 
-Ennis Cruz Gonzalez



Amy Hutchinson

Fueled by my love of languages and my desire to travel, I always found linguistics stimulating and exciting. Taking LIN 3010 confirmed that it was the field I was eager to be in. While in the USF Linguistics program, I had the opportunity to study abroad (twice!), take advanced, graduate-level linguistics classes, assist in Dr. Huensch’s research projects and present my own research at multiple USF-run colloquia. Upon graduating magna cum laude from USF, I was accepted into a fully funded Linguistics PhD program at Purdue University. I am confident that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the USF Linguistics program and I look forward to all of the exciting paths linguistics will take me down in the future. Go Bulls!
-Amy Hutchinson



Areins Pelayo

I majored in philosophy and minored in linguistics. I decided to engage in hands-on research through the linguistics department, which taught me some practical values such as the importance of teamwork, organization, and time-management. It also taught me what linguists in fieldwork actually do and what assumptions they must make in analyzing data, how to collect that data, and how to present the findings in a way experts and non-experts can understand. 
I highly recommended minoring or majoring in linguistics for all kinds of students. Linguistics is so wide in scope and interdisciplinary. Ultimately, as a user of language, there’s going to be something someone finds absolutely fascinating. 
-Areins Pelayo

Daniel Sarmiento

Studying Linguistics has been such a rewarding experience for me. I started out as someone very interested in languages simply because I thought they were fascinating and fun to learn. Little did I know that linguistics is so much more than that. Not only do you learn the mechanics of language, how it functions, the intricacies of meaning, but most importantly you gain an insightful connection to the rest of the world that not many people have. When you open your mind with linguistics you're learning how language works, which allows you to understand people better and develop empathy. Linguistics at USF hasn't just allowed me to pursue a passion but to also grow personally and socially.
-Daniel Sarmiento