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Undergraduate Programs:  Linguistics Minor


Each day we use language to communicate our thoughts, opinions, desires, worries, and even our identities to those around us. While a seemingly natural and mundane task, in reality, this is an amazing feat, considering the fact that human language is a highly complex and dynamic system of communication.

Linguistics is the study of language structure and use. Many people believe that being a linguist means you speak many languages. While it is often the case that linguists are multilingual, the true work of a linguist involves understanding the organization of language and how it is used to communicate.

Linguists investigate questions like:

  • What are the sounds of the world’s languages and how do we describe them?
  • What are the social, cultural, and political factors that influence our daily communication?
  • How do we acquire our first language? How do we acquire a second language? In what ways is learning a second language similar to or different from how we learned our first language?
  • How does language change and why?
  • What are the affective variables involved in language learning?

Linguistics is a highly interdisciplinary field and is thus relevant for students from a wide variety of backgrounds: Anthropology, Communication, Criminology, Education, English, Foreign Languages, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and more!