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The USF Department of World Languages offers a Concentration in East Asian Studies and a Certificate in Japanese


JPN 1120 Modern Japanese I (4) AS WLE
An intensive study of basic skills: pronunciation, listening comprehension, speaking, and some composition.

JPN 1121 Modern Japanese II (4) AS WLE
PR: JPN 1120 or equivalent. A continuation of JPN 1120. More sophisticated oral/aural skills are attained. Basic reading skills are acquired.

JPN 2220 Modern Japanese III (3) AS WLE
PR: JPN 1121 or equivalent. Continuing study to attain basic proficiency in Japanese.

JPN 2221 Modern Japanese IV (3) AS WLE
PR: JPN 2220 or equivalent. Continuation of JPN 2200.

JPN 4930 Selected Topics (1 -5) AS WLE
Departmental approval required. Course permits study options in Japanese not available in the regularly scheduled curriculum at departmental discretion.