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Current Advisees

Oksana Bomba

Oksana Bomba studied Applied Linguistics in Ukraine and received her MA in Applied Linguistics/TESL from the University of South Florida. She has taught English and Russian in various contexts and to language learners from several age groups. Since 2016 she has worked as a teaching assistant for online and in-person courses through USF's Department of World Languages. Oksana is interested in researching second language acquisition with a focus on corpus tools.

Judith Bridges

Judith Bridges is from Mississippi where her love for language led to a BA in French from Ole Miss, an MA in Linguistics and TESOL from Missouri State University, plus studying and teaching abroad. In the LALS program at USF, she’s taught various French, ESL, and Linguistics courses as well as carried out research on a variety of topics in SLA and Applied Linguistics. Her current research involves discourse analysis, metapragmatics, and digital language practices.

Tuc Chau

Tuc Chau is from the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. He earned his MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of South Florida in 2017. Tuc’s primary interests include second language acquisition and the analysis of spoken and written texts. His research has been accepted for presentation at academic conferences such as CAAL, CALICO, and TESOL. He enjoys soccer, cinema, volunteering, and Tampa weather.

Jhon Cuesta

Jhon Cuesta Medina is from Bogotá, Colombia. He earned his MA in Education at Carthage College (Kenosha, WI) and then moved to Florida to pursue his PhD (not only because of the weather). His research explores how foreign language TAs' possible language teacher selves originate and evolve over time and whether their experiences and/or institutional support result in motivating or demotivating factors to teach a target language.

Antonella Gazzardi

Antonella Gazzardi is from Italy and earned her MA in Applied Linguistics/TESL at USF. Her research interests are in sociolinguistics, in particular in code-switching and how language, culture, and identity intersect in Computer Mediated Communication. She is also interested in "citizen sociolinguistics" activities related to the use of English loans and hybrid phrases by the Italian media. She has presented her work at major conferences like AAAL as well as at academic conferences focused on language and culture.

Jessica Giovanni

Jessica Giovanni is from Jakarta, Indonesia. She received her MA degree in Applied Linguistics at USF. Jessica’s current research interests include using discourse analysis methodologies to explore identity formation through multimodal language use in online spaces. As she is pursuing her doctorate in the LALS program, Jessica is also teaching the undergraduate Introduction to Linguistics and Language Matters courses at USF.

Özge Güney

Özge Güney earned a master’s degree Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Bilkent University, Turkey. She earned her BA in English Language Teaching and an MA degree in Linguistics. She was a Fulbright scholar at Yale University and taught Turkish at different levels. She is interested in Critical Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and more specifically sexual and social identity in language education. 

Yaqian Jiang

Yaqian Jiang holds an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she taught English and Chinese language classes. Before joining the LALS program at USF in 2017, she worked full-time as an English instructor in China for two years. Her primary research interests center on computer-mediated communication and the intersection of language, culture, and identity. Her current project focuses on the localization and meaning-making practices associated with a popular Chinese Internet meme. When she is not doing linguistics, she enjoys making tasty food of different countries.

Anastasia Khawaja

Anastasia Khawaja is from Cherryhill, NJ and has lived in several other countries over a period of time in between degrees. She earned her MS at Florida State University in Multilingual/Multicultural Education. Her research interests include individual differences in relation to emotions connected to language use in bi and multilinguals situated in areas of conflict. Her dissertation currently in progress focuses on the emotional perception of languages used by Palestinians living in Palestine and in the diaspora.

Ramona Kreis

Ramona Kreis joined USF in 2014 after completing her First State Examination degree (M.A. equivalent) in English and Political Science at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She also received a Master of Education while studying abroad at Carthage College, Kenosha, WI. She is particularly interested in discourse analysis, L2 pragmatics, and multilingualism. 


Yao Liu

Yao Liu is from China, and completed her MEd in TESOL at the University of Sydney, Australia.  Each year in the program she has completed at least two research projects with her professors and her fellow students. She has presented at different international academic conferences such as AAAL, SLRF and ACTFL. Her research interests include second language motivation, teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and second language pedagogy.

Beibei Ren

Beibei Ren is from China. She completed her master's degree in English Language and Literature with a special focus on applied linguistics in Nanjing University, China. Her research interests include second language writing, English for Academic Purposes and discourse analysis. 



Shinji Shimoura

Shinji Shimoura is from Himeji, Japan and has lived in several other states before joining USF. This is his second stint in Florida as he has received his MS in Geography from Florida State University. His research interests include technology-enhanced language learning, teaching Japanese as a foreign language, and corpus linguistics. He has presented at different national conferences such as AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese), ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), and CALICO (Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium)



Past Advisees




Dr. Julie Dell-Jones

Dissertation: Narratives on digital storytelling, culturally-responsive pedagogy, and reflexivity in language teacher education

Major Professor: Dr. Wei Zhu


Dr. Addie Sayers China

Dissertation: Beyoncé as a Semiotic Resource: Visual and Linguistic Meaning Making and Gender in Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez




Dr. Yunhyun Lee

Dissertation: Lexical Stress Features Affecting the Recognition of English Loanwords in Korean by Native English Hearers

Current position: English Teacher, Chungnam High School, South Korea

Major Professor: Dr. Amanda Huensch


Dr. Abeer Mohammad

Dissertation: A Discourse Analysis of Nursing Handoffs: Exploring Nurse-to-nurse Interactions in Two Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Current position: Lecturer, Saudi Arabia

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Maria Matilde Olivero

Dissertation: Cultivating Peace via Language Teaching: Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs and Emotions in an Argentine EFL Practicum

Current position: ESL Instructor, Rio Cuarto University, Argentina

Major Professors: Dr. Amy Thompson and Dr. Rebecca Oxford


Dr. Li-Lee Tunceren

Dissertation: Community College Second Language Students’ Perspectives of Online Learning: A Phenomenological Case Study

Current position:

Major Professor: Dr. Wei Zhu


Dr. Jelena Vuksanovic 

Dissertation: The Influence of Trait Emotional Intelligence on Possible Selves

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Idaho

Major Professor: Dr. Amy Thompson


Dr. Yi Zhang

Dissertation: Heteroglossic Chinese Online Literacy Practices on Micro-blogging and Video-Sharing Sites

Current position: Lecturer, Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, China

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez




Dr. Fahad Alhabry

Dissertation: The Dynamics of L2 Motivational Self System among Saudi Study Abroad Students

Major Professor: Dr. Amy Thompson


Dr. Erhan Aslan

Dissertation: International Teaching Assistants in the US University Classroom: A Mixed-Method Study of Individual Differences and L2 Pragmatic Competence

Current position: Lecturer, University of Reading, UK

Major Professors: Dr. Amy Thompson and Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Kristy Cardellio

Dissertation: Situated Directives in Italian L2 Service-Learning Encounters

Current position: Visiting Instructor, Italian, Eckerd College, St Petersburg, FL

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Zeynep Erdil-Moody

Dissertation: Promoting L2 Motivation via Motivational Teaching Practice: A Mixed-Methods Study in the Turkish EFL Context

Major Professor: Dr. Amy Thompson


Dr. Zeynep Köylü

Dissertation: The Influence of Context on L2 Development: The Case of Turkish Undergraduates at Home and Abroad

Major Professors: Dr. Amy Thompson and Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura



Dr. Hatime Ciftci

Dissertation: Pragmatic Competence in an EFL Context:  Suggestions in University Office Hour Discourse

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of English Language Teaching, Bahcesehir Universit, Istanbul, Turkey

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Wesley Curtis 

Dissertation: The Effects of Processing Instruction on Chinese Learners’ Acquisition of Spanish Copulae

Current position: Director, English Language Program for Internationals, University of South Carolina

Major Professors: Dr. Victoria Russell and Dr. Amy Thompson


Dr. Hui-Ju Wu

Dissertation: The Effects of Collaborative Writing via Blogs versus Paper-and-pen on Writing Performance, Writing Anxiety and Perceptions of EFL College Students in Taiwan

Current position: English Teacher, Kaohsiung Municipal Jhong Jheng High School, Taiwan

Major Professors: Dr. Camilla Vásquez and Dr. Wei Zhu




Dr. Amy Fioramonte

Dissertation: A Study of Pragmatic Competence: International Medical Residents’ and Patients’ Negotiation of the Treatment Phase of the Medical Encounter

Current position: Academic Services Administrator, Graduate Medical Education, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Mimi Li

Dissertation: Small Group Interactions in Wiki-Based Collaborative Writing in the EAP Context

Current position:

Major Professors: Dr. Deoksoon Kim and Dr. Wei Zhu



Dr. Derya Kulavuz-Onal

Dissertation: English Language Teachers' Learning to Teach with Technology through Participation in an Online Community of Practice: A Netnography of Webheads in Action 

Current position: Assistant Professor of English, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MA

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Oksana Vorobel

Dissertation: A Case Study of Peer Review Practices of Four Adolescent English Language Learners in Online and Face-to-Face Contexts

Current position: Associate Professor, TESOL, City University of New York, NY

Major Professor: Dr. Deoksoon Kim


Dr. Shenggao Wang

Dissertation: Intermediate-Level Chinese Language Learners’ Social Communication in Chinese on Facebook: A Mixed Methods Study

Current position: Chinese Instructor, Florida International University, Miami, FL

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez



Dr. Dustin DeFelice

Dissertation: A Phenomenological Study of Teaching Endangered Languages: Perspectives from Nahuatl and Mayan Educators

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Second Language Studies, Michigan State University

Major Professor: Dr. Adam Schwartz


Dr. Jane Harvey

Dissertation: A Sociocultural-Theory-Based Study of the Impact of Mediation During Post-Observation Conferences on Language Teacher Learning

Current position: Academic Director, USF-INTO, Tampa, FL

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Radhika Lothe

Dissertation: Role of CMC-Embedded Webquests in Enhancement of Online Students’ Knowledge and Understanding of German Culture – A Case Study

Current position: German Instructor, Potomac Falls High School

Major Professor: Dr. Wei Zhu


Dr. Nader Morkus

Dissertation: The Realization of the Speech Act of Refusal in Egyptian Arabic by American Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language

Current position: Assistant Professor of Arabic Pedagogy, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Major Professor: Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. Victoria Russell

Dissertation: The Effects of Processing Instruction, Structured Input, and Visual Input Enhancement on the Acquisition of the Subjunctive in Adjectival Clauses by Intermediate-level Distance Learners of Spanish

Current position: Associate Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language Education, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

Major Professor: Dr. Marcela van Olphen and Dr. Camilla Vásquez


Dr. James Aubry

Dissertation: Motivation and Instructor’s Self-Disclosure Using Facebook in a French Online Course Context

Current position: Associate Professor of French and Department Chair, University of Tampa, Tampa, FL

Major Professors: Dr. Camilla Vásquez and Dr. Wei Zhu


Dr. Darunee Dujsik

Dissertation: The Effects of Pre-writing Strategy Training Guided by Computer-based Procedural Facilitation on ESL Students’ Strategy Use, Writing Quantity, and Writing Quality  

Current position: English Lecturer, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand

Major Professor: Dr. Wei Zhu



Dr. Rui Cheng

Dissertation: The Role of Computer-mediated Communication in Non-native Speakers' Acquisition of Academic Literacy

Major Professor: Dr. Wei Zhu