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Coursework Requirements for the Linguistics and Applied Language Studies (LALS) program at the University of South Florida

Total Minimum Program Hours: 55 hours

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise listed.

Core Courses

(22-24 credits)

All courses in this category must be taken.

LIN 6720               Second Language Acquisition
LIN 7637               Seminar on Research and Writing in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7631               Advanced Seminar in Applied Linguistics (LIN 6720 prerequisite)
LIN 6675               The Grammatical Structure of American English, OR a course focusing on the morphology and syntax of another language in WLE department.
LIN 7635               Professional Development (to be taken at the end of the coursework)
LIN 7638               Qualitative Methods in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7639               Quantitative Methods in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7910               Directed research in Applied Linguistics: to be taken the semester of writing the                                              qualifying exam paper. The qualifying exam will be done at the end of the other                                              coursework. (1-3 credits)

Foundation Course Electives

(6 credits required)

Based on student's prior educational background, recommendations will be made by the amissions committee and implemented by the academic advisor / pedagogical coordinator. Each student is required to take a minimum of two of the following courses:

LIN 5700               Applied Linguistics
LIN 6081               Introduction to Graduate Studies
LIN 6675               Grammatical Structure of American English (can’t count as a foundation credit if used to satisfy the structure of a language credit)
TSL 5371               Methods of TESL
TSL 5372               ESL Curriculum & Instruction
TSL 5440               Language Testing
TSL 5525               Cross-Cultural Issues in ESL


General Electives

(9 credits required)

Each student is required to take a minimum of three general electives. These can be from established course numbers or via the LIN 6932 special topics number and include the following:

LIN 6601               Sociolinguistics
LIN 6722               Writing process in SLA
LIN 6726               Individual Differences in SLA
LIN 6748               Contrastive Analysis

Sample Topics for LIN 6932:
Discourse Analysis
English for Academic Purposes/English for Specific Purposes
Task-Based Language Teaching
Sound System of English
Pragmatics for Language Teachers
Corpus Linguistics
Language and Technology

Note: In special circumstances, additional courses from the “foundation course electives” group may be taken as electives.

Qualifying Examination

Students will complete a two-part qualifying examination.

Dissertation Hours

(18 credits minimum)

Students will complete 18 hours of dissertation research. The student will submit a proposal to the committee members and, once approved, will participate in an oral defense of that proposal. Finally, the student will submit a completed dissertation draft to the committee members and once approved will participate in an oral defense of the dissertation.


Course Timing / Sequencing Requirements

*Under construction*


Academic advising and scheduling will be done in coordination with the candidate's advisor.

It is the candidate's responsibility, while in residence, to meet with his/her advisor regularly, but at least once each semester during the regular registration period to schedule his/her courses for the following semester.

Each student is reminded of University Policy Statement 415:

"Although the University provides advising services to assist students with academic planning, the responsibility for seeing that all requirements are met rests with the student."

Please see the following link for additional enrollment requirements from the office of graduate studies: