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Graduate Certificate Programs

Certificate in Applied Linguistics

The courses listed below meet the requirements for the certificate.

Core Courses (3 credits):
Students must take at least 3 credits of the following; choose one course:

  • TSL 5371 Methods of TESL
  • LIN 5700 Applied Linguistics
  • LIN 6730 Second Language Acquisition
  • TSL 5525 Cross-Cultural Issues in ESL

Additional Requirements (6 credits):

Students must choose from the following courses for the remaining 6 credits (courses from the core courses can also be used to fulfil the remaining 6 credits):

  • TSL 5471 Language Testing
  • LIN 6081 Intro to Graduate Studies in Linguistics
  • LIN 6675 Grammatical Structure of American English
  • TSL 5372 ESL Curriculum and Instruction
  • LIN 6601 Sociolinguistics
  • LIN 6722 Writing in SLA
  • LIN 6351 The Sound System of English
  • LIN 6932 Selected Topics (Discourse analysis, IDs in SLA, Teaching English overseas, Pragmatics for language teachers, etc.)

If you would like advising and course planning, contact the Linguistics Graduate Program Director – Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura. The email address is