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Startalk | Student Application Form

For questions, please go to or email

All applications (USF Startalk and USF Non-degree) and supporting materials must be received on or before April 30th, 2015 (Thursday).

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt of all application materials. Once the applicant is notified of acceptance into the program, program fee payment information will be provided. Payment must be made within two weeks of acceptance.

Personal Information
Language Background
This summer Chinese academy is designed for students whose first language is not Chinese. List any foreign language courses you have taken, including Chinese courses:
Please rate your level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.
Evaluate your own ability in Chinese according to the scale below.

Note: Unknown , 0/Zero , 1/Low or 2/High.
Personal Statement
Please explain how learning Chinese Language & Culture fit into your future plans. Only statements written by the student/applicant will be accepted.
If you are currently not enrolled in a Chinese language class, please ask any teacher of yours to provide a reference letter. If you are currently enrolled in a Chinese language program, please ask your teacher of Chinese to provide a reference for you.
Statement of Understanding

Important. You must read and acknowledge the following section in order to complete your application.

The USF Startalk Chinese Academy provides intensive Chinese language and culture instruction during the period of July 19th - 31st, 2015 on the USF Tampa campus (inside Patel Center). During the two-week residential academy, all participants will be lodged in a nearby off-campus hotel (Fairfield Inn & Suites) in a double room with another participant. Costs of the program include a $30 USF registration fee making participants eligible to earn USF credit and $375 towards tuition (Participants earn 3 USF credit hours in Chinese but receive a subsidy from the Startalk program to cover the remainder of the $670.57 tuition costs for Florida residents. For non- Florida residents, participants are responsible for non-resident tuition fee which is an additional cost of $1091.46). There are no additional costs to the selected students at the two-week academy. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transportation to and from campus, and learning materials are all provided by the program.

I understand that the course of study requires a full-time commitment during the above program period, including daily lessons, activities, and homework. I understand that I (student) should not take other classes or have jobs during the above program period. I fully understand the nature of this intensive program and will abide by its requirements and guidelines. I also understand that submitting this application does not guarantee my enrollment in the program.

I understand that this application is for admission to the University of South Florida System (USF) Startalk Program and is valid only for the term indicated. I also understand and agree that I will be bound by USF Startalk's regulations concerning application deadline dates and application requirements.

I certify that the information given in this application form and any additional information are complete and accurate, and I understand that to make false or fraudulent statements within any part of this application or related materials may result in cancellation of admission and invalidation of credits earned. If admitted, I hereby agree to abide by the USF Startalk’s Code of Conduct and the rules and regulations of the University of South Florida System. I also agree to sign a media release, medical authorization, release of liability and other forms required by Startalk Central.